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DEKO Electronic Company Limited started our research and development in Remote Control Servos in 2003. With a team of experts and consultants in electronic model products, Deko is now providing professional players and hobbyists with a series of high quality servos.

Our mission is to provide the best servos for our customers with stable and supreme performance. We also aim to strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our products. We fully understand the prerequisite to our goals is innovation. Our professional research and development team has been highly successful in inventing new technologies to raise the standard of our products. We work hard to ensure every single product of Deko reaches its highest standard of quality. We have developed a mature quality control system to monitor the production process of Deko servos. We require absolute flawlessness in every single step in our production line. Only with such an insistence can we go beyond the requirement of our customers, with whom we would like to build long-term relationships.

Our Deko servos are designed in Hong Kong and manufactured in our plant in Shenzhen. Being an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we are confident that our servos are doubtless among the best in the radio control industry. We are now distributing our products to different parts of the world. We would cordially like to have global radio model distributors around the globe to join us and strive for the betterment of the model industry.